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Tolou Eleg is a training program in sustainable agriculture aimed at young people aged 18 to 35. The program offers in-depth training in agro-ecology, crop production, animal production, agri-food processing, business plan development, nutrition and entrepreneurship. The program also places a strong emphasis on promoting gender equality and strongly encourages female applications.

Participants in the Tolou Eleg program will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become trainers in ecological agricultural techniques. They will also have the opportunity to receive ongoing support, including mentoring opportunities, technical advice, access to agricultural resources and networking opportunities with others in the agricultural sector. The Tolou Ëlëg program aims to equip young farmers with solid skills, prepare them to meet the challenges of modern agriculture and encourage them to become agents of change in the agricultural sector in Senegal and Africa. Here are some of the benefits of the Tolou Eleg program:

In-depth training in sustainable agriculture.

Training in business plan writing.

Ongoing support with the Tolou Ëlëg community.

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Meet the challenges of agriculture and become an agent of change.

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Train other young people and continue the cycle.

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If you are a young person aged 18 to 35 and are passionate about agriculture, Tolou Eleg is for you.

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Empowering Youth through Agroecology

Discover the world of agroecology and acquire practical skills in the field of agri-food thanks to our comprehensive training programs.

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We teach sustainable agricultural techniques.

Tool Ëlëg offers in-depth training on agroecology, which allows you to learn sustainable agricultural practices that benefit the environment and your business.

Development of entrepreneurial skills

Our training programs focus not only on agriculture, but also on developing essential entrepreneurial skills, which will set you up for success in the industry


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Our team:

Amadou M. Ndiaye

Founder & CEO Tolou Ëlëg.

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Abdoulaye Samate

COO Tolou Ëlëg.

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